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Steven Davis backs Professionals

Posted on July 26, 2016 in Conor Mclaughlin

Steven Davis says the professionals are ambitious and it’s not hard to understand their willingness to work at upper levels if there are opportunities. Michael O’Neill’s situation should be seen from the same point of view.

It is understood that the clubs are starting to come to the Federation of Ireland to talk about the procedure for them to acquire O’Neill and according to Davis, the manager’s interest in leaving would only be normal.

Davis was quoted as saying, “The clubs would be coming for sure. If you ask us, yes of course, each and every one of us would want him not to leave, but, he would have his own aspirations and that’s fine.”

On remarks that the Green and White were too circumspect and were all defence in all 4 Euro matches they played, Davis said that the set up the manager forms depends on what he has got to play with. If he is armed with the attackers, the set up and the style would be different.

In Davis’ words, “You see whom were we up against at the group stage? The likes of Bale, Lewandowski, we didn’t let them have much of a say. Germany, with their quality, had the better of us, but, I believe the formation was absolutely right considering our strength.” (more…)

UEFA European Championship to change format

Posted on December 19, 2014 in Conor Mclaughlin

The traditional format of the UEFA European Championship is to have a 16 team format but in the upcoming edition of the European it will be contested between 24 teams and the right-back of Fleetwood Town, ConorMclaughlin is a huge supporter of this recent change as the Northern Ireland defender believes that this can allow other squads on having a chance of making it further then what they usually do.

ConorMclaughlin is a consistent performer not only for his club Fleetwood Town but also for Northern Ireland as the defender has performed in all of the 2016 Euro qualifying matches that his country has played so far and Mclaughlin displayed his support towards the change that allows more teams on competing which gives the smaller nations a bigger chance of reaching the finals.

“You listen to all the home nations and they’re all saying the same thing. I don’t know if it’s the change in qualification with three teams, it’s given a lot of smaller nations a lot of confidence that they can get to a major competition’’ ConorMclaughlin said.

Northern Ireland is positioned in the 2nd spot of group F after having collected a total of 9 points from the 4 matches that the nation has played and ConorMcluaghlin has played in every single one of those games as the young right-back has turned into a consistent and key performer for his nation.

ConorMclaughlin is also a vital player for his club, Fleetwood Town with the English club going through their first season in the English League One after being promoted from League Two.

Fleetwood Town is experiencing a fine season in their debut in the 3rd tier English League and fans already are projecting and hoping that the club can secure another promotion spot to the English Championship League but ConorMclaughlin stated that accomplishing this task in their debut season is simply unrealistic.

“I think we need to be realistic and know that it’s our first season in League One which is a huge step from where the club was.We know how good the squad is but we just need to keep doing what we’re doing and keep trying to pick up points.”ConorMclaughlin added on.

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