Posted on August 2, 2018 in Millwall

Millwall boss Neil Harris has said that the club will not break the bank this summer but they will look to reward top players. Harris said the club was still developing so they were careful with Financial Fair Play rules.

Harris did not want issues with FFP as he felt it could ruin the club in the long term. The coach is looking at long term gradual talent development. He confirms that some players have had contracts, with time to mull over and no rush.

Harris says he is looking to keep Byron Webster who is still developing. Webster is the only player without a contract next year. The manager is hoping to retain players that are keen on developing themselves, adding that those in it for money are at “the wrong place.”

“It is the right [club] if they want to play for Millwall Football Club, want to play for me and want to play week in week out – or if they are not in the team then they are on the bench chomping at the bit to get back in. That’s what we offer.”

Harris adds that even offering a contract to a player is a “thank you” to the person for what they have achieved. He said that the club clearly hopes to reward young players with contracts and pay them according to their development.

He praised Mahlon Romeo who took his chance and developed quickly. Conor McLaughlin played the first half of the season for Millwall but the fullback has seen his starting role threatened by Mahlon. The coach expects Mahlon to be back in pre-season and continue the face-off with McLaughlin for the position. The coach said that was an example of what the club is epitomizing.

Harris added that young players who do not show enough signs of development would go out to get first team football. Sid Nelson for example was on loan to Chesterfield but the 22-year old would still go out for further development as he is still perceived to be aggressive and horrible for a centre-half. The club expects the player to grow more before he can come through at Millwall.

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