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McLaughlin Is Another to Bite the Dust in 2022

Posted on January 14, 2023 in Millwall

Conor McLaughlin is one of the most popular international footballers to announce their retirement this year. He retired as a defender of Preston. The announcement came in the early part of the year. That is when Conor announced that, due to injury, he had decided to retire from the game. McLaughlin originally hails from Belfast. He then emerged in the football scene with Linfield. This was before he joined Preston. After that, he was lured to play for England, back in the year 2007.

He was considered a good prospect when he signed up for the Preston youth club. This was at the time when he joined the club, back in the year 2010. McLaughlin showed good potential for North End as well. This was especially true when he played for the club in a dismal season. In 2011 he signed a new club contract. The same year he suffered from a leg injury. After that, he did not get back to his former performance levels. (more…)


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